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Flavor Guide

We currently offer four flavors: raspberry, lemon, vanilla, and chocolate. Our petits fours are created with three layers of moist vanilla cake and filled with velvety butter cream. A layer of jam accents that balances the fruit flavors, while dark chocolate ganache enriches the flavor of the chocolate cake. All of the cakes are finished with a smooth coat of chocolate draping.
chocolate-flavored petit four/tea cake


Layers of delicate chocolate cake collide with rich chocolate butter cream and dark chocolate ganache to satisfy even the most serious chocolate devotee.



The vanilla cakes are anything but ordinary. You're in for a rare treat and an entirely new experience from a classic flavor.




Lemon filling mingles with vanilla cake and lemon butter cream to make a subtle lemony wonder worthy of grandmother’s praise.



This quintessential summer fruit, further exalted. Raspberry buttercream is sandwiched between impossibly moist vanilla cake with an accent of raspberry jam.