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Our Story


Dragonfly Cakes are little bites of genoise or sponge cake layered with delicious buttercream fillings. Our ingredients are simple and contain no preservatives or additives. We use plant-based colors and each decor is hand piped and finished.

Why would anyone spend time finishing tiny pieces of cake with such intricate details? Well, It’s all about love and the passion for cake and the art of cake decorating.

We are a family run business, owned and operated by two sisters Odette and Mary Ann. We grew up in a bakery business as decorators for our uncle’s shop on Guam. We have no story of Grandma lovingly teaching us how to bake in her warm kitchen.

Our experience in the bakery business was learned on the job and work because you have to. Luckily the job was fun! Cake decorating was quite relaxing and calming during a very challenging and demanding childhood as workers in a commercial bakery.

Twenty years ago, we opened our first retail store in Lacey WA and specialized in wedding and special occasion cakes. We made cakes large enough to feed 500 people and everyday cakes that fed a small family. We created cakes that were simple and complex. And we built quite a following. Eventually, we moved into our current location, a cute lavender building in Tacoma, where we produce our products until today.

In 2016 we acquired Dragonfly Cakes, a boutique bakery in Sausalito, Ca that specialized in petits fours. We call them little cakes because sometimes it’s just way easier to spell and say. It was quite a change-making large cakes to decorating tiny ones but it was still such fun and we are grateful for the opportunity to spend our life doing what we love.

So with this energy of fun and appreciation, we give you our love of cakes and the art of cake decorating. And hope you enjoy our little Dragonfly cakes as a perfect way to celebrate your life’s little moments.